Amateur Radio News... (cont.)

International QSL Service from EURAO/FEDI-EA new

EuroBureauQSL For those radio amateurs living outside Spain and Andorra, Federación Digital EA offers, included in the EURAO individual membership, QSL Service that is running locally, with the only difference in the home delivery price, which considers inter­national shipping cost.

New members: Federación de Clubes de Radioaficionados de Chile, CE3FED new

FEDERACHI FEDERACHI, founded in 1969, is a federation that includes 15 radio clubs along this slim South American country and now it just decided to join EURAO to reinforce its international projection.

It runs several services: Sunday radiated bulletin, SWL newsletter, DX info, Online Callsign Directory, ... And a lot of activities: Chilean Lighthouses Award, Emergency Communications Exercises, ...

Radio Clubs of the World Award, EANET nuevo

EANET Award Do you know how many radio amateurs' associations exist in the world? Would you like to know about their activities, objectives, installations, specialities, environment, tasks they do, etc., meanwhile you have fun with radio?

Get for free this wonderful e-Award (in a high definition pdf) only checking your past QSOs on the web against eQSL, without sending cards, money or wasting time.

The electronic QSL is the future. Take the train now! What a better excuse?

PLT affaire, EURAO rol and EC reply new

European Commission Last summer some news spread media about an important threat to amateur radio activity: Power Line Transmission.

A new standard (prEN 50561-1) is under discussion because the level of interferences could increase 38 dB.

EURAO, first of all, wanted to know what was the current situation and sent a letter expressing its concerns and asking about this matter to the European Commission.

And this was the reply...

CQ ENCE: Certificate of Participation nuevo

Certificado CQ ENCE The National Exercise of Emergency Communications (ENCE), organized together by several radio amateurs' associations in Spain, now issues this certificate, available in different languages, to those participants who successfully passed the test.

The exercise consists of two parts: one by radio and the other in the web, filling a form with the received message.

This is a good way to practice and keep fit. Read conditions and download your certificate.

About our members...

Centro Italiano di Sperimentazione ed Attività Radiantistiche new

CISAR CISAR is an intalian association of enthusiastic radio amateurs, founded in 1981 with the main aim of experimenting in the field of radio, on VHF and higher, with automated systems, and who reached in few years amazing results, both in technique and in defending the rights of all radio amateurs, always contributing greatly to their legislation.

Federación Digital EA, EA3RKF new

FEDI-EA FEDI-EA is the first federation of radio amateurs' associations in Spain, born in 1992 to promote activities and services for its members and affiliates, and also to provide a suitable representation before Public Administration. Its weekly email newsletter reaches over five thousand radio amateurs.

International QSL Service: prices
  • Sending:
    • 0,50 €/QSL (*)
  • Receiving (**):
    • 1,50 € ($2) 20 gr.
    • 2,00 € ($2.75) 50 gr.
    • 3,00 € ($4) 100 gr.
(*) 50% off with label+web,
free exchange between members.
(**) extra shipping or overweight.
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