EURAO 'Clubs&Groups' Membership: the most suitable solution

Local radio clubs and specialized ham groups around the world are so important to EURAO that it was considered they also must be taken into account and with special conditions.

For this reason, a new membership category is defined: 'Clubs&Groups'. The idea is to help them to provide to ALL their members, through the club, a wide range of collective services, such as these:

  • International QSL Service (*)
  • European Radio Amateur Card
  • EURAO Member Benefits Program
  • EURAO Newsletter
  • EURAO TV Channel
  • Representation before international institutions
  • ...

Sounds interesting, doesn't it? Contact us for more details. You will not regret!

This is our proposal of fee depending on your own "size":

Number of members13-2520-4535-85>100
QSL weight per quarter20gr20gr50gr100grany
Annual fee10 €30 €40 €50 €100 €

Notice that XS corresponds to individual membership and XL to member associations, which also have other rights: to vote, to appear in the list of members, etc.

Amateur Radio News... (cont.)

CISAR: Members' Annual Assembly 2013 new

HAM RADIO 2012 Centro Italiano di Sperimentazione ed AttivitÓ Radiantistiche will hold its Assembly and Meeting on 28-29 September in Fano (PU).

As usual, the event will be broadcast live on its TV channel.

EU QRP Foxhunt: having fun around Europe nuevo

EU QRP Foxhunt Ready for the next hunting season 2013-2014? Here you are the rules for foxes, hunters and trappers, the new category for SWLs in this fifth edition.

The season will start November 3, 2013 and will end on March 24, 2014. But this summer there is an aperitif: June 9 - August 30.

This is an idea of Jos, ON6WJ, and Johan, ON5EX, to promote QRP activity on the bands. Let's collaborate with them.

Centro Italiano di Sperimentazione ed AttivitÓ Radiantistiche
About our members...

Union des Radio-Clubs et des Radioamateurs, F8URC new

URC URC was grounded in 1968 by a group of OM who disagreed with the politics held by the only national organisation at this time. Since then, its goal has remained unchanged: work with the administration and the other associations for the safeguard of the radioamateur status, inform and always remain open to dialog.

Ham Association of Greece new

HAG HAG has about thousand members, all of them very young and with a lot of energy to carry out new activities, and also has the collaboration of several clubs in different parts of the country. One of its major interests is to participate actively in the EuroBureauQSL project.

EURAO Newsletter: issue dates
  • February
  • June
  • September
  • December
EURAO Newsletter
EURAO Newsletter, quarterly and in two formats: pdf and web.
EuroBureauQSL: entry points
  • Argentina: LU1MA - CRC - P.O. Box 232 - 5500 Mendoza [web]
  • Belgium: FRA - P.O. Box 1630 - B-1000 Brussels 1 [web]
  • Chile: CE3FED - FEDERACHI - P.O. Box 9570 - Santiago 21 [web]
  • France: F8URC - URC - 162 rue Roger Salengro - F-62330 Isbergues [web]
  • Germany: DL0AFC - AFCD - P.O. Box 300128 - D-50771 Koeln [web]
  • Greece: HAG - 22, Kassandras Str. - GR-10447 Votanikos - Athens (Attika) [web]
  • Italy: IT9BCC - Nino Caracci - Via Campobello, 108 - 91022 Castelvetrano [web]
  • Netherlands: PD3SV - Sieger Veenhoven - Grotestraat 17 - 7471 BK Goor [web]
  • Portugal: CT1TGM - TRGM - P.O. Box 497 - P-3001-906 Coimbra [web]
  • Russia: RO6L - RQSL - P.O. Box 515 - 344000 Rostov-on-Don [web]
  • Spain and Andorra: EA3RKF - FEDI-EA - P.O. Box 3050 - E-08200 Sabadell (Barcelona) [web]
  • Uruguay: CX3CCC - Radiogrupo Sur - P.O. Box 950 - 11000 Montevideo [web]
  • Venezuela: YY5PEZ - Bernardino Elio de Barros Soares - P.O. Box 195, O.P.T. San Juan de los Morros - Estado Guarico - CP 2301
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