EURAO Party - Winter 2014: promoting HF Digital Voice

The European Radio Amateurs' Organization announces a new party on the air, this time with the motto: "experiencing with digital voice". Remember this is not a contest, it is just a radio meeting with a few simple 'rules', better to call them recommendations.

Purpose: to experience new modes (in this case Digital Voice), have fun and meet hams all over the world. Of course SWLs are welcome to participate.

Date & time: March 1st and 2nd, 2014, Saturday and Sunday, 00:00-24:00 UTC.

Bands & modes: these are the recommended frequencies for DV: 1.977, 3.732, 3.817, 5.403,5, 7.177, 7.190, 14.236, 14.240, 18.119, 21.313, 24.933 and 28.720 MHz.

FreeDV: download this open source software and give it a try. It implements Codec2 and FDMDV modem, not patent restricted. Also take advantage of the utility: QSO Finder.

Call: "CQ EURAO Party".

Exchange: because this is a QSO event, not a contest, you can talk about whatever you want, in any language, and for as long as you like. Here are some topic suggestions to get the conversation going: name, city, locator, weather, antennas, rigs, etc.

Also talk about QSL interchange. Tell the truth. Say "no, thanks" if you are not interested in QSL cards. But if you would like to have a memory of your contact, feel free to use our EuroBureauQSL (see below).

Logs: for statistic purposes only, we ask participants to submit their logs to in ADIF format, where the filename should be your callsign (e.g. EA3RKF.ADI).

There will be no results or league tables, only statistical information about number of QSOs, countries, callsigns, OMs/YLs/Clubs, etc.

Certificate of Participation: for those sending the log and with a minimum of 10% QSOs confirmed.

EuroBureauQSL: you can use it to interchange QSLs even if you are not member. In this case, just send the QSL to the entry point in the country of the station you have contacted.

About our members...

It's time for 'Clubs&Groups'. Let's introduce some of them:

Tertúlia Radioamadorística Guglielmo Marconi new

TRGM TRGM, CS5TRGM, founded in 1976, has its headquarters in Coimbra and is one of the oldest associations of radio amateurs in Portugal. Since the beginning of EuroBureauQSL it has been the entry point in this country and maintains a very close relationship with EURAO.

Cuyo Radio Club new

LU1MA CRC, LU1MA, founded in 1945 in Mendoza, owns a complete radio station for operation in all HF, VHF and UHF bands; several repeaters and beacons; library, meeting room, billboard, etc. Teach introductory courses. It is also in charge of the EuroBureauQSL entry point in Argentina.

Radiogrupo Sur new

CX3CCC RGS, CX3CCC, founded in 1984 as a CB user group, has evolved to the new challenges of amateur radio. Now, in its 30th anniversary, it manages an awesome antenna field, several repeaters, a museum, etc. It is also responsible of EuroBureauQSL entry point in Uruguay.

Insubria Radio Club new

IQ2IR IRC, IQ2IR & HB9IRC, was founded in 2007 to achieve two main goals through its ham radio activities: charity actions and promotion of the Euroregion "Regio Insubrica", located between Italy and Switzerland.

Small Ads
  • QSL Manager: If you need one, PA3249 offers to help any OM/YL with their QSLing. Harry is SWL since 1971 and now has some spare time to do it. He is quick, honest and replies in one day. More details here:
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EURAO Newsletter
EURAO Newsletter, quarterly and in two formats: pdf and web.
EuroBureauQSL: entry points
  • Argentina: LU1MA - CRC - P.O. Box 232 - 5500 Mendoza [web]
  • Belgium: FRA - P.O. Box 1630 - B-1000 Brussels 1 [web]
  • Chile: CE3FED - FEDERACHI - P.O. Box 9570 - Santiago 21 [web]
  • France: F8URC - URC - 162 rue Roger Salengro - F-62330 Isbergues [web]
  • Germany: DL0AFC - AFCD - P.O. Box 300128 - D-50771 Koeln [web]
  • Greece: HAG - 22, Kassandras Str. - GR-10447 Votanikos - Athens (Attika) [web]
  • Italy: IT9BCC - Nino Caracci - Via Campobello, 108 - 91022 Castelvetrano [web]
  • Netherlands: PD3SV - Sieger Veenhoven - Grotestraat 17 - 7471 BK Goor [web]
  • Portugal: CT1TGM - TRGM - P.O. Box 497 - P-3001-906 Coimbra [web]
  • Russia: RO6L - RQSL - P.O. Box 515 - 344000 Rostov-on-Don [web]
  • Spain and Andorra: EA3RKF - FEDI-EA - P.O. Box 3050 - E-08200 Sabadell (Barcelona) [web]
  • Uruguay: CX3CCC - Radiogrupo Sur - P.O. Box 950 - 11000 Montevideo [web]
  • Venezuela: YY5PEZ - Elio Barros - P.O. Box 195, O.P.T. San Juan de los Morros - Estado Guarico - CP 2301
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