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World Radio Day, 13 February

World Radio Day 2017 The aim of UNESCO devoting one day to Radio, is to enhance a mass media, simple and low cost, specifically suited to reach remote communities and vulnerable people.

The day should be also a good opportunity to think over and to value the media and the task performed in the development of society.

Radio amateurs, as a subcategory within the Radio and of a huge interactivity, have our own role and contribute to keep alive the technical knowledge of equipment and behavior of waves.

Several members of EURAO organized special activities around this day, this year with the motto: "Radio is you!".

In this way, you could hear on air the following SES: AO1WRD, AO2WRD, AO3WRD, AO4WRD, AO5WRD, AO6WRD, AO7WRD, AO8WRD and AO9WRD; from Friday 10 to Monday 13.

Also other ham stations from other countries celebrated this day. Maybe next year you will think it is a good idea to join this event, do you?

Check the website: https://www.diamundialradio.org

Amateur Radio News...

International Space Station contact with France nuevo

URC-ISS Sponsored by our member association URC, on May this year it will take place a contact between the French ISS astronaut Thomas Pesquet and several schools in France [collège Brassens (Saint Venant), collège Cassin (Lillers), lycée Anatole France (Lillers)] and another in USA [Stem (Highlands Ranch)].

As usual, students will ask questions to the astronaut, who will answer them live.

Diploma Carnaval de Loulé 2017 nuevo

Carnaval de Loulé Radioamador Clube de Loulé organizes this great award to celebrate the oldest Carnival in Portugal.

1-20 February you will find on 10m, 20m, 40m, 80m and 2m the following granting stations: CT1EEC, CT2CRP, CT2GPD, EA7GR, EA7MV, EA4CQR, EA9UV, EA9QD and the club station CS0RCL.

FEDI-EA, 25 years serving amateur radio nuevo

FEDI-EA Federación Digital EA, EA3RKF, founder member of EURAO, was founded on July 25, 1992, coinciding with the inauguration of the Olympic Games in Barcelona, 25 years ago.

Since then, FEDI-EA has consolidated its social project with a lot of adhered clubs around the country, with which organize activities of all kinds, common services for its members and affiliates, and a very intense task of representation before Public Administrations.

Most known by foreign hams is the help to those who settle in Spain to get a licence and an Spanish callsign. Also the EANET, Radio Clubs of the World, Award and Contest is quite famous.

Newsletter issue: 2017-02-15
EURAO, a CEPT stakeholder
Asociaciones miembro de EURAO
  • CISAR: Centro Italiano di Sperimentazione ed Attività Radiantistiche (Italy)
  • FEDI-EA: Federación Digital EA (Spain)
  • VRA: Vlaamse RadioAmateurs (Belgium)
  • UFRC: Union Francophone des Radio Clubs (Belgium)
  • FeRaCat: Federació de Radio­afi­cio­nats de Catalunya (Spain)
  • RCL: Radioamador Clube de Loulé (Portugal)
  • ARRLx: Associação de Radio­ama­dores da Região de Lisboa (Portugal)
  • LigaCBR: Liga Española de Asociaciones CB y Radio­aficionados (Spain)
  • RFDX: Romeo Foxtrot International DX Club (The Netherlands)
  • NRSI: National Radio Society of Ireland
  • 773RG: 773 Radio Group (Italy)
  • ARLC: Associação de Radioamadores da Linha de Cascais (Portugal)
  • ARS: Asociatia RadioStiinta (Romania)
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