EURAO Party - Summer 2023: CQ Walkie-Talkies

The European Radio Amateurs' Organization announces a new party on the air, this time with the motto: "CQ Walkie-Talkies". Remember this is not a contest, it is just a radio meeting with a few simple 'rules', better to call them recommendations.

Purpose: Walkie-Talkies, also known as handheld transceivers, are very popular among young people and beginners and are very useful in case of emergency communications. Do not underestimate this kind of devices and try to contact them or from them, mainly on VHF and UHF bands, either direct or via repeater, via EchoLink, DMR, etc. Have fun and meet other hams all over the world or just local.

Date & time: from June 10th to September 17th, 2023, 00:00-24:00 UTC.

Bands & modes: mainly in FM on VHF and UHF bands, but not only. EFG.

Call: "CQ Walkie-Talkies EURAO Party".

Exchange: because this is a QSO event, not a contest, you can talk about whatever you want, in any language, and for as long as you like. Here are some topic suggestions to get the conversation going: name, city, locator, weather, antennas, rigs, etc.

Also talk about QSL interchange. Tell the truth. Say "no, thanks" if you are not interested in QSL cards. But if you would like to have a memory of your contact, feel free to use our EuroBureauQSL (see below).

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About our members...

Associação de Radioamadores da Linha de Cascais new

ARLC ARLC, CS5ARLC, founded in 2011, is an institution of Public Utility. It was created to give continuity to the 'Clube de Radio Amadores de Cascais', which had been initially started by the honorary Carlos Silvestre, CT1TC, also known on the frequency bands as "Terra Cascais".

Currently it consists of about 100 members, with the most diverse skills in the field of amateur radio: electronics, communications and astronomy.

It serves a population of 250.000 inhabitants, between the mountains of Sintra and the Atlantic Ocean. Maintaining several repeaters including the one at Peninha on UHF, which is the westernmost of continental Europe!

We promote regular gatherings and all types of activities. Including training events, not only for our members but also for young people in conjunction with schools and scout groups.

We invited you to attend our weekly get-together, held each Friday evening, where we will be delighted to welcome you personally.

ARLC became member association of EURAO to expand the scope of its activities.

Asociatia RadioStiinta new

ARS ARS, YO9KBZ, founded in 2023, is one of the singular ham radio associations in Romania that develops programs in STEAM education system in order to make the science more attractive for kids. No doubt that ham radio has many domains that can offer curriculum and curiosity to teach more about the waves and electronics.

ARS became member association of EURAO because it found us a novator world organization that can help it to extend and share its experience in working with kids in order to have a new generation of hams around us.

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